Relationships require maintenance, and coming in for couples counseling is a way to improve and deepen your relationship.  Being proactive about your relationship is a gift to your family and to yourself; there is no need to wait until your relationship is in crisis to choose therapy.

People tend to make the decision to end a relationship when it is at it’s worst.  Entering therapy gives you the chance, instead, to see how good your relationship can get.

If your relationship is in crisis and your spouse or partner is unwilling to come to therapy, individual therapy can be very valuable. Individual sessions will help you gain perspective and control over your part in the relationship; and when one person changes, the relationship changes.

Premarital counseling is required by many faiths and Nancy is comfortable following the guidelines set forth by each couple’s place of worship. Even when it is not required, pre-marriage is a good time for counseling and can be effective and valuable in as few as two sessions.  Nancy is a certified practitioner of the Prepare/Enrich program by Life Innovations, Inc.    (248) 336-8920